Directed by awarded director Kim Won-suk, who is famous for renowned works Misaeng and Signal, and written by talented screenwriter Park Hae-young, known for the popular drama Another Miss Oh, the drama presents a star-studded cast of singer/actress IU, veteran actors Lee So-gyun and Park Ho-san, as well as film actor Song Sae-byeok who has his TV drama debut. My Mister follows the taciturn Park Dong-hoon (Lee So-gyun) in his 40s and the stern Lee Ji-an in her 20s (IU) who both struggle in life. Undergoing different stages of life, their wounded souls are eventually healed through each other’s company. In addition to their chemistry, the drama also tells the story of the man’s relationships with his two brothers, Park Sang-hoon (Park Ho-san) and Park Gi-hoon (Song Sae-byeok), amid their life crisis.

Premiere: 22 Mar

On Air: Every Thur & Fri 21:45 (GMT+8)

Total: 16

Genre: Drama

Cast: IU, Lee So-gyun, Park Ho-san and Song Sae-byeok

(Only available in Malaysia and Singapore)